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 Paul Wesley spielt Stefan Salvatore

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27.02.2010 23:51
Englische & anderssprachige Interwievs mit Paul Wesley Zitat · antworten

Paul Wesley interview with Tu Magazine + scan

Paul Wesley
The new vampire that’s going to drive you crazy!

The hype for this weird creatures has reached TV. From the show The Vampire Diaries, we bring you this hottie. Don’t miss it!

Paul Wesley plays Stefan Salvatore, the good vampire on “The Vampire Diaries”. He told us about his blood drinking side and how he won the fans’ hearts.

Tu: Tell us something about your character… What’s the coolest thing about the story?
Paul: I play a guy who’s a few hundred years old. He’s a vampire that falls in love with Elena, a mortal. Conflict arouses when Damon, Stefan’s brother and an evil vampire, shows up to remind him that he is a monster, and won’t let him be a normal guy. A love triangle takes place.

Tu: Is Stefan a romantic vampire?
Paul: Yes, he doesn’t want to be a vampire. He was turned against his will, and he feeds on animals because he doesn’t want to kill people. When he finds Elena, he wants to live that life for love even though it goes against his nature.

Tu: How can you kill a vampire?
Paul: The traditional way is with a stake.

Tu: On the show, Damon, your brother, is stronger because he feeds on humans, right?
Paul: Yes, and so he can protect his love, Stefan has to start feeding on humans as well. If he doesn’t, he’ll probably won’t be able to get back at Damon.

Tu: How did you get the rol?
Paul: I did an audition and it was a long process, because it was a very coveted character; there are no many rols like this one.

Tu: What is it about vampires that fascinate people?
Paul: I don’t know, maybe we love them because they are weird and dangerous, but the most important thing is the romance that comes with these stories.

Tu: If Stefan and Elena kiss in a very passionated way… would she have to be worried about you biting her?
Paul: Absolutely. Tasting her blood is something that goes through Stefan’s mind, it’s what makes the character so intriguing: he’s in love with Elena, but has the desire to feed on her.

Tu: Do you have a favourite scene?
Paul: Not yet, but I can’t wait to shoot the scene where Stefan tells Elena that he’s a vampire.

Tu: Some girls are Team Edward and some others are Team Jacob. Would it be a Team Stefan?
Paul: I dont know! I’m not very familiarized with Twilight. I know that’s a phenomenon, but I didn’t want to see the movie before the show started so there wouldn’t be any similarities. I watched it later, and I loved it.

Tu: Are you ready for the fame the show will give you?
Paul: Yes, because it means that people are enjoying it. I’m not only ready for the attention, but I’m waiting for it.

Tu: Do you think Twilight fans could feel they’re betraying Edward if they watch the show?
Paul: I hope not. I don’t want to start a rivalry between us because we couldn’t win. The only thing we can hope for is that Twilight fans watch the show, and they like it too.



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04.03.2010 21:42
#2 RE: Englische & anderssprachige Interwievs mit Paul Wesley Zitat · antworten

Vampir Diaries Star Paul Wesley Hints A at Reunion With Modern Day Katherine This Season !

Bericht in englisch u Interwiev mit MTV

Und hier noch ein Bericht zum " Cosmopolitan " Event !

Auch " Hollywood Life " hat dazu ein Interwiev geführt !


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13.03.2010 07:24
#3 RE: Englische & anderssprachige Interwievs mit Paul Wesley Zitat · antworten

.'Vampire Diaries' Star Paul Wesley Helps Us Muse Over How The First Season Will End

Posted 3/11/10 7:00 pm ET

Oh Paul Wesley! You love keeping secrets from us! Which is probably why when we asked you about any surprises we might encounter as the first season of "Vampire Dairies" slowly begins to wrap up, you didn't seem to have any big, spoilery news for us. But, still, as always, you left us intrigued by whatever little scrapes you have thrown our way.

"No [I don’t know what kinds of cliffhangers] because we're only on episode 17. There's 22 in the season, so I can't wait to find out what the cliffhanger is."

So, we've decided to make up some of our own ideas of how we think the season could end. One option: in a weird turn of fate, we find out that Stefan somehow impregnated Katherine (so what if she's a vampire and vampire's supposedly can't get pregnant — it happened on "Angel"!), and in the process that means that Stefan's modern-day lady love Elena (Nina Dobrev) is related to him. Too weird? Fine.

Here's another idea then! Exec producer Kevin Williamson finally gets Taylor Swift on board and maybe even Joshua Jackson (please, Kevin, let's make that happen!), as a pair of evil — yet incredibly hot — vampires, who turn Elena and go on a killing spree. Does that also seem unlikely? We guess so.

We'll just have to keep watching to see what happens. Sigh.

What do you think the "Vampire Diaries" season finale cliffhanger will be?

Quelle inklusive Videoclip


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07.04.2010 05:26
#4 RE: Englische & anderssprachige Interwievs mit Paul Wesley Zitat · antworten

" Vampire Diaires " Star Paul Wesley Talks About His Close Bond With Ian Somerhalder In " DA MAN MAGAZINE "

Interwiev in englisch

Fan - Forum für Lateinamerikanische Telenovelas


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01.01.2012 16:23
#5 RE: Englische & anderssprachige Interwievs mit Paul Wesley Zitat · antworten

Paul Wesley : Interwiev mit " Assigmment X "

Interwiev in englisch

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