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 Gemischte News von den Twilight Stars
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01.10.2010 20:37
#21 RE: Ring Con 2010 Zitat · antworten

Julia Jones kommt zur Ring*Con 2010

27 September 2010 | 13:08

Soeben wurde Julia Jones für die Ring*Con 2010 angekündigt. Somit vertritt Julia alias Leah Clearwater die weiblichen Quileute aus der Twilight Saga auf Europas größter Fantasy Convention vom 15. – 17. Oktober 2010 im Bonner Maritim-Hotel.

Die Gästeliste sieht somit wie folgt aus:

Alex Meraz, Charlie Bewley, Gil Birmingham, BooBoo Stewart, Julia Jones (Twilight Saga)

Kyle Schmid, Dylan Neal (Blood Ties)

Natalia Tena, Nick Shrim, Louis Cordice, George Harris, James und Oliver Phelps (Harry Potter Saga)

Mark Ferguson, Jed Brophy, Lori Dungey (Herr der Ringe Trilogie)

Craig Parker, Bruce Spence (Herr der Ringe / Legend of The Seeker)

Daniel Falconer (WETA), Ju Honisch (Autorin), Tanya Huff (Autorin), Wolfgang Hohlbein (Autor), Bernhard Hennen (Autor), Markus Heitz (Autor), Kai Meyer (Autor), Nicola Bardola (Autor)

Wochenend- sowie Tagestickets werden auf jeden Fall noch am Con-Wochenende vor Ort erhältlich sein.

Quelle mit vielen weiteren Infos gibt es hier


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01.10.2010 20:56
#22 RE: Ring Con 2010 Zitat · antworten

Ring*Con 2010: Autogramm- & Fotosession-Preise

26 September 2010 | 17:54

Heute sind die Autogramm- & Fotosession-Preise für die einzelnen Schauspieler auf der Ring*Con 2010 bekannt gegeben worden.

Fotosessions mit den Schauspielern:

Alle Fotos mit den Stars werden 15 Euro kosten, die Ausnahme bilden hier die Phelps-Zwillinge. Ein Foto mit Beiden wird 25 Euro kosten.

BooBoo Stewart 15 Euro
Gil Birmingham 15 Euro
Alex Meraz 20 Euro
Charlie Bewley 20 Euro

Lori Dungey 10 Euro
Jed Brophy 10 Euro
Craig Parker 15 Euro
Bruce Spence 15 Euro

Dylan Neal 15 Euro
Kyle Schmid 15 Euro

Nick Shirm 10 Euro
Louis Cordice 10 Euro
Natalia Tena 15 Euro
George Harris 15 Euro
James Phelps 20 Euro
Oliver Phelps 20 Euro



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17.10.2010 11:06
#23 RE: Ring Con 2010 Zitat · antworten

Ring Con : Fotos von der Pressekonferenz am Freitag 15 Oktober 2010


Weiter geht es mit weiteren Gästen am Freitag 15 Oktober 2010 . Den Anfang machen Kyle Schmid & Dylan Neal allias Henry Fitzroy
und Mike Celluci aus " Blood Ties " .


Fotos von Gil Birmingham an Freitag 15 Oktober 2010


Fotos von charlie Bewley am Freitag 15 Oktober 2010


Ring Con 2010 : Einblicke in die Pressekonferenz

Am Freitag morgen um 10.00 Uhr fand im Bonner Maritim die Pressekonferenz zur diesjährigen Ring*Con 2010 statt.

Folgende Stargäste waren anwesend:
Mark Ferguson
Lori Dungey
Jed Brophy
Dylan Neal
Kyle Schmid
Leah Gibson
Charlie Bewley
Gil Birmingham
Craig Parker
Jason Manns
Dayna Chiplin
Allan Smith

Hier nun der erste Teil Pressekonferenz in englisch:

Question to Mark: How did you prepare for your new job as MC? Do you prepare at all?
Answer: I bought a suit, I bought a clipboard and I’m working on my MC-attitude which wouldn’t be any different from my normally attitude. I’m feeling a mixture of being absolutely excited about and I’m absolutely looking foward to it.

Question to Craig: What is going on in New Zealand regarding the filming of The Hobbit?
Answer: Very briefly, there has been some things going on in New Zealand and right now discussions are going on between the different parties. So stay tuned for two fantastic films.

Question to all the Vampire actors: Why are the vampire movies like Twilight or series like Blood Ties? What do you think is the reason for this success?
Answer Kyle: They’re really popular right now? Just the idea of living forever and their fancy lifestyle.

Answer Charlie: I guess it makes the underworld accessable.

Answer Leah: I think the Twilight saga is such a beautiful metaphor for love everlasting. It’s so much about the love story, such a romantic rhyme in eternal love and belonging to another forever.

Answer Gil: You’re leaving out the werewolfes here….what about animal love?

Question to all: What made you come to Ring*Con again or what made you come for the first time?
Answer Kyle: You made me come back.

Answer Jed: It’s a new family here cause in New Zealand you haven’t got many friends.

Answer Craig: To remember the people’s faces and put a name to it. So we won’t forget.

Answer Dayna: I’m really excited to meet you all. Thanks for all the support. And it’s also a great opportunity to meet you all in person.

Answer Allan: What Dayna said.

Answer Jason: I’ve had my music involved in a couple of shows in this genre. And I have found that these fans are the best. This chance to play in front of so many cool people I had to take.

Answer Gil: I am here to represent Taylor Lautner. So I come here to Germany just to find out that Rob Pattinson really is the guy here. The experience of having face to face contact is something you can’t really describe.

Answer Charlie: I am new and it feels like the first day at school. I have no idea what to expect but it gives me the chance to put faces to all the twitter accounts.

Answer Leah: This is my first time at Ring*Con. Like all the new things you do it can feel terrifying cause you don’t know what to expect. And it really feels like the first day at school. The conventions are the other side of what we do. It’s like a celebration what we as actors have done.

Answer Lori (cutting off Kyle): That’s really nice, just spending time meeting people and having a chat. And I missed my 30 hours plane rides every year. And it’s a fantastic way to work together with my New Zealand friends that I don’t seem to see in New Zealand but only here in Germany.

Answer Kyle: Thanks Lori (after she just cut him off). Dirk didn’t really give me a choice to come back. There have been threats involved and some photographs. I had a lot of fun last year. Thanks for having me back.

Answer Dylan: I have to follow Kyle around the world. Mom makes me following around the world. We have enough children already. And I have to keep Kyle out of trouble

Question to Kyle: Can you tell us anything about your new project „3 inches“? Do you have any special powers or anything?
Answer Dylan: Like I said before….

Answer Kyle: 3 inches….Size doesn’t matter…thank you for saying that…It is a scyfy movie I just wrapped. We don’t have super powers. I play a character who has no powers.

Question to Charlie: What is your first impression of Bonn?
Answer: I don’t know. I’m really far away from the center. There are golf pits everywhere. I am a big fan of golf. I just know the hotel. Refering to football…very great victory over England.

Question to all: If Oscars were for sale how much would you pay for one?
Answer from Jed: 2,50 $ be my starting price.

Answer from Jason: I would pay about 75 % less than I can sell it for.

Answer from Craig: Actually it’s illegal to buy or sell an Oscar. It’s the property of the person who wins it and any trading is dealt very firmly by the academy. And even asking that question puts you at risk of serious law suiting. So I think we should all pretend the last 5 minutes did not happen and move on very quickly. Thank you very much.

Question to the bad guys: What’s the real fascination of playing an evil and brutal and power hungry character?
Answer from Craig: I think bad guys are cooler. You gotta get to do stuff. You don’t have to be good, you don’t have to look nice, you don’t have to brush your teeth before going to bed. You have to not wipe down your sheets every morning cause of wolf hair. The bad guys are cool. We all love the bad guys. And they get cool clothes. See as a bad guy I would sell and buy an Oscar.

Answer from Charlie: The best thing about playing the bad guy…a bad guy just ruins everything and pisses everyone off plus it’s a lot more licence a bad guy has.

Question to the Kiwi actors: What is it like to play with the people again in different roles?
Answer from Jed: It’s a lot easier playing with them cause there is no more of the ice breaking. And we know each other.

Answer from Lori: Everything you (Jed) said.

Answer from Mark: It could be interesting sometimes if there are love scenes or other things are involved.

Question to Mark: What are your film plans or other projects?
Answer from Mark: He is playing a creature that is half snake half vampire and he is doing cause he needs some cash. So it’s me dressed as half man, half snake, half vampire…is it too much of half? (laughing)

Question to Mark: You have a lot of experience as a business man and as a producer.
Answer from Mark: I produced a television series once and it was enough. It was a great experience and I don’t wanna do it again. It wasn’t a lot of fun. But it was really interesting nevertheless.


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18.10.2010 06:13
#24 RE: Ring Con 2010 Zitat · antworten

Ring Con 2010 : Fotos Opening & Phelps Twins !

Freitag 15 Oktober 2010 Opening Fotolink

Fotolink von den Blood Ties Stars

Auch Boo Boo Stewart statete der Rong Con 2010 einen Besuch ab & eroberte die Herzen der Zuschauer im Sturm .

Fotolink Boo Boo Stewart Samstag 16 Oktober 2010 ( 42 Fotos )


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19.10.2010 05:52
#25 RE: Ring Con 2010 Zitat · antworten

Am Samstag 17 oktober stand Lea Gibson alias Vampir Nettie auf der Bühne und erzählte
einiges zum Dreh von " Eclipse " .

Fotolink Lea Gibson Samstag 17 Oktober 2010 ( 22 Fotos )


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20.10.2010 05:52
#26 RE: Ring Con 2010 Zitat · antworten

Weiterer Fotolink von der Ring Con 2010



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20.10.2010 06:22
#27 RE: Ring Con 2010 Zitat · antworten

Fotolink von Julia Jones am Samstag 16 Oktober 2010


Fotolink von den Gästen am Sonntag 17 Oktober 2010


Fotos vom Twilight Panelam Sonntag 17 oktober 2010



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28.10.2010 07:30
#28 RE: Ring Con 2010 Zitat · antworten

Die letzten Ring Con 2010 Fotos sind nun online !

Fotolink : Ring Con Samstag Jason Maans & Gil Birmhingham

Fotolink : Ring Con 2010 mit Fans

Fotolink : Schlusszeremonie am Sonntag


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27.08.2011 17:12
#29 RE: Ring Con 2010 Zitat · antworten

Neue Fotos : Leah Gibson & Charlie Bewley bei der Ring Con 2010 16 Oktober 2010

Bildquelle & weitere Fotos findet ihr hier

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