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 Beauty and the Beast

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14.09.2013 19:35
" Beauty and the Beast " - News & Infos der zweiten Staffel Zitat · antworten

Jay Ryan & Kristin Kreuk im Interwiev über das Ende der ersten Staffel und zur zweiten Staffel von " Beauty and the Beast "

Jay Ryan , Austin Basis & Nina Lisandrello im Interwiev zur zweiten Staffel von " Beauty and the Beast "

Jay Ryan im Interwiev über die Zukunft von Vincent & Catherine in der zweiten Staffel von " Beauty and the Beast "

Jay Ryan & Kristin Kreuk bei der ComicCon 2013 zur zweiten Staffel von " Beauty and the Beast " im Interwiev mit " TV Equals "

Jay Ryan & Kristin Kreuk bei der ComicCon 2013 zur zweiten Staffel von " Beauty and the Beast " im Interwiev mit " TV Fanatic "[/

Jay Ryan & Kristin Kreuk bei der ComicCon 2013 zur zweiten Staffel von " Beauty and the Beast " im Interwiev mit " TV Line "

Jay Ryan & Kristin Kreuk im Interwiev über ihren CHarakter in der zweiten Staffel von " Beauty and the Beast "

Die " Beauty and the Beast " Stars bei der " ComicCon 2013

Jay Ryan im Chat Interwiev zu " Beauty and the Beast "

Die " Beauty and the Beast " Stars im Interwiev zur zweiten Staffel mit " TV Addict "

Jay Ryan im Interwiev mit " Buddy TV " über Vincent & die zweite Staffel von " Beauty and the Beast "


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14.09.2013 19:36
#2 RE: " Beauty and the Beast " - News & Infos der zweiten Staffel Zitat · antworten

Kristin Kreuk auf dem Cover des " TV Media " Magazin 09 Februar 2013 Oesterreich


Kristin Kreuk : Cover , Stills & Videoclip des Photoshoot`s für das " AUDREY " Magazin

Veröffentlicht am 19.08.2013


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14.09.2013 19:42
#3 RE: " Beauty and the Beast " - News & Infos der zweiten Staffel Zitat · antworten

Jay Ryan & Sendhil Ramamurthy twittern das Script Cover zur Episode 2.03

" Beauty and the Beast " : Spoiler zur zweiten Staffel

Quelle TV Line

Question: Are there any Beauty and the Beast Spoilers? –Viv
Ausiello: I foresee a helper… and a headache. The show is currently casting the guest-starring roles of Zach, a cocky former soldier who uses a reunion with an old friend (perhaps Vincent?) for vengeance (against, perhaps, Muirfield?), and Beth, a high school pal of Cat’s who is now the hard-charging producer at a news station — suggesting to me that she’ll be the next one to get wind of the beasts now in our midst.

" Beauty and the Beast " : Erstes Promo Poster zur zweiten Staffel

Beauty and the Beast Season 2 First Look: Vincent Is Ripping VinCat Apart—Literally! See the Pic

Remember that time Jay Ryan told us Ben & Jerry's ice cream sales would go through the roof after Beauty and the Beast's season two premiere? Turns out, he was are going to need the comfort a bit earlier!

The CW breakout drama returns for its sophomore season on Monday, Oct. 7, and Beasties who have been eagerly awaiting the reunion of Vincent (Ryan) and Catherine (Kristin Kreuk), who were separated in the finale after he was kidnapped, are surely going to be heading out for some ice cream/tissues/wine after checking out this exclusive season two poster we got our hands on.

In the new promo shot, Vincent is seen tearing apart a photo of VinCat's faces. Try and avoid the money-makers next time, pal! Looks like Vincent's Beast side will be taking over this fall. Beast is the new black, people!

So what can fans expect from the season two premiere (which Kreuk described as "achingly romantic" when we caught up with her at Comic-Con in July)?

"Oh, it's a really intense episode. The show's pace is going up this season, so a lot is happening," Kreuk previewed. "We're three months ahead; three months has passed since the finale, so they're getting filled in on a lot of what happened during that time."

With Beauty and the Beast veering away from the procedural element in favor of heavier mythology, Ryan teased, "The fans are almost going to be one or two steps ahead for each character, so they're going to know what's behind the door. It's going to have this thriller, nail-biting tension to it."

Beauty and the Beast returns on Monday, Oct. 7 at 9 p.m. on the CW.


" Beauty and the Beast " : Erster Promo Clip zur zweiten Staffel Episode " Burn "

" Beauty and the Beast " : Neuer Promo Clip " New Night " Preview

One Life to Live Actress Joins Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast's Cat and Vincent will finally have someone on their side.

One Life to Live actress Amber Skye Noyes has been cast as Tori, the innocent daughter of a powerful beast who is rescued by Cat (Kristin Kreuk) and Vincent (Jay Ryan) and then taken under their wing. While she's in their protection, Tori makes some shocking discoveries about her life.

Get scoop on Beauty and the Beast and other returning favorites!

Noyes, who will appear in three episodes, joins Arrow alum Annie Ilonzeh and The Lying Game's Blair Redford as guest stars on Season 2 of the CW drama.

Beauty and the Beast returns on Monday, Oct. 7 at 9/8c.


" Beauty and the Beast " : Neuer Promo Banner



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14.09.2013 22:10
#4 RE: " Beauty and the Beast " - News & Infos der zweiten Staffel Zitat · antworten

Video : Kristin Kreuk über Fitness & Beauty


" Beauty and the Beast " : Neuer Still mit Kristin Kreuk

Her blouse reminds me of the cute black lace dress Catherine Chandler (Kristin Kreuk) wore in "Worth":

" Beauty and the Beast " : Zwei neue Stills



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14.09.2013 22:47
#5 RE: " Beauty and the Beast " - News & Infos der zweiten Staffel Zitat · antworten

Fall ’13 Fashion Extra | Chatting with Stylist Sima Kumar about Kristin Kreuk’s Cover Shoot

Bericht in englisch

Wer das Magazin abonieren möchte


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14.09.2013 22:48
#6 RE: " Beauty and the Beast " - News & Infos der zweiten Staffel Zitat · antworten

" Beauty and the Beast " : Porträt Still von Kristin Kreuk & Jay Ryan bei der ComicCon 2013 für " Entertainment Weekly's "


" Beauty and the Beast " : Siebenundzwanzig Porträt Stills von Kristin Kreuk & Jay Ryan bei der ComicCon 2013 in San Diego

Die 27 Porträt Fotos findet ihr hier

" Beauty and the Beast " : Kristin Kreuk & Jay Ryan beim Panel der ComicCon 2013

Weitere Fotos gibt es hier


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22.09.2013 09:01
#7 RE: " Beauty and the Beast " - News & Infos der zweiten Staffel Zitat · antworten

One Tree Hill Star mit Gastrolle in " Beauty and the Beast "

Die Fans von "One Tree Hill" kennen ihn als Dan Scott und demnächst wird er wieder in der Rolle eines Vaters zu sehen sein: Paul Johansson wurde laut The Hollywood Reporter für einen Gastauftritt in der CW-Mysteryserie "Beauty & the Beast" verpflichtet.

In der zweiten Staffel der Serie, welche am 7. Oktober ihre Premiere in den USA feiert, wird Johansson als Kurt zu sehen sein, dem Vater von Tori (Amber Skye Noyes), der ein überheblicher und mächtiger Geschäftsmann aus Manhattan ist. Kurts Karriere ist in den letzten Jahren ominöserweise steil aufwärts gegangen, weswegen er sich von einer Horde von Sicherheitsleuten umgibt und paranoid geworden ist. Der Charakter soll in Episode #2.06 auftauchen.

Johansson war nach dem Ende von "One Tree Hill" im vergangenen Jahr vorwiegend in TV- und Kurzfilmen zu sehen gewesen.

Quelle The Hollywood Reporter


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29.09.2013 11:49
#8 RE: " Beauty and the Beast " - News & Infos der zweiten Staffel Zitat · antworten

" Beauty and the Beast " Season 2 : Die ersten vier Episoden Titel

Episode 2.01 – Who Am I?
Episode 2.02 - Kidnapped
Episode 2.03 – Liar, Liar
Episode 2.04 – Hothead


" Beauty and the Beast " Season 2 : Jay Ryan & Sendhil Ramamurthy am Set


" Beauty and the Beast " Season 2 : Neuer Promo Banner


" Beauty and the Beast " Season 2 : Vincent als Biest

EW has given us our first look at the season 2 premiere of Beauty and the Beast with this very awesome still of Vincent all beastly! I wonder who made him mad?

A new season of Beauty and the Beast is right around the corner and the exclusive image above leads us to believe it’s going to be a beast of an hour.

Puns aside, the second season truly does promise some really good drama. As Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan told EW at Comic-Con (relive the chat below), the premiere picks up three months after Vincent (Ryan) was abducted by Muirfield, and we’ll come to find that he’s changed in some major ways. He has no scar, his memory has been wiped, and, most troubling, he’s now a supercharged beast on a mysterious mission. Once reunited, it’s Cat’s (Kreuk) job to unravel the reasons behind Vincent’s change and set him right. (Unless, you know, she likes being in love a crazed super-beast.)

The show returns Oct. 7 at 9pm on the CW.


" Beauty and the Beast " Season 2 : Neue Promo Stills des Cast`s
Beauty And The Beast: Three Official Season 2 Cast Images

Hopefully a few more than just these three will come later, but for now, this is all we've got: Three promotional images for the second season of Beauty And The Beast, which will roar Mondays on The CW's new lineup that also includes Hart Of Dixie on the previous hour.

The three new pics spotlight the two not very beastly leads of the show -- Jay Ryan, who plays Vincent; and Kristin Kreuk, who plays Catherine Chandler.

The CW also has just released a LOT of images from the season premiere, so if you missed that post earlier



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29.09.2013 12:37
#9 RE: " Beauty and the Beast " - News & Infos der zweiten Staffel Zitat · antworten

Beauty And The Beast: Ten Things About The Season Premiere “Who Am I?”

The CW is on it, already providing some previews of some of their season premieres... and yesterday, we landed the season premiere of Beauty And The Beast.

This one is a huge fan favorite around this site, so hopefully this preview-review will do it justice, even if there are a few criticisms. The premiere is called "Who Am I?" and the title has multiple meanings. But you're here for some teases, so teases we will bring!

Needless to say, it's a much better show than it was a year ago.
For reasons illustrated below, this feels like a fresh start and even a reboot, especially in the case of one character. There seems to be a dedicated goal; despite my last comment of this article, it's not JUST about the "epic love story," and I'm really interested in seeing where they go next.

Getting more focus.
The stage is set for Heather to move to Ravenswood, I think, and Joe's departure is mentioned off camera. This gives the time to focus on the current main characters from the show: Cat, Vincent, Tess, J.T., and Gabe. Reynolds seems to play an important part of the premiere, too.

And speaking of Reynolds...
Anyone who saw our Comic-Con video interview with Kristin Kreuk knows that I didn't realize that the actor playing Cat's actual father is Ted Whittall, who people might remember as playing the guy who trained Lana in the Smallville episode "Power." He also had a recurring role in Smallville Season 10 as "Rick Flag." He looks so different here, and acts different - perhaps as a testament to his acting ability. He has a great scene with Cat that makes us wonder how soon more of him will be revealed. He's someone to watch.

The scar is gone!
Some new things have been done to Vincent that include a new beast-out, but also, the show seems to no longer be giving the illusion that Vincent is a "beast" all the time - the silly scar from Season 1 is gone. So, can we at least now liken Vincent to a werewolf or The Incredible Hulk? I think it's probably much better if comparisons to the original BATB are totally left at the door now, because the things that work (or don't work) with the show, now, are not connected in any way to the original show.

The new beast-out looks really cool. I know the show would never do a show without pretty people full-time but I would love it if, eventually, things got closer to the original series and we had a more beastly Vincent full-time. Just maybe not so rage-y and throwing things while he's Hulked Beasted out.

Gabe is back!
We're not allowed to tell you how, but Gabe (Sendhil Ramamurthy) is back and among the living when the show picks up months after the events of the season finale. Oh, and Cat still doesn't trust him.

Cat doesn't give up.
In those months where Vincent is missing, Cat is relentless in trying to find him, and J.T. is helping. One might say she's wearing herself a bit thin in this time, even neglecting other parts of her life (like her sister) in the process.

A heartbeat away...
There is a moment where Vincent is able to tell Cat is near him just by hearing a heartbeat. This ability comes in handy later when he has to save her... because "saving each other" is what those two do, right?

Yes, there is a kiss.
It's in one of the trailers, although the image is flip-flopped on the trailer for some reason.

There ARE a few things about the premiere that I admit, I really didn't like
And this is one that'll probably tick off the "Beasties," but I have to be honest: Catherine comes off as a bit desperate and somewhat creepy by the episode's end. Chances are, who knows, I might react the exact same ways that she does if I was in the same situation, but it still felt too much like "writing that epic love story" over actual character moments or growth. This might be intentional, but for me, it comes off really weird. Maybe it's because I'm a guy, but give the guy a little space and time to get re-acclimated to the world before assuring him that your love is epic.

On a similar note, with Catherine being a cop, once she's found Vincent she should know how to keep tabs on him no matter how fast he is... and if his senses are enhanced, he should be able to tell when she's following him down a busy street. I don't know. Maybe I'm thinking too much. You'll see what I mean when you see the episode.

And one final thought/criticism:
Obviously, the darker tone of a show like this isn't going to be as light and fluffy as Hart Of Dixie, which precedes it. This is where the fans of the show need to tell anyone who will listen, and it's up to critics like us to tell, that things do lighten up a little bit, and that it's the action and the romance that'll get people to stay. But, the first reaction upon seeing the opening minutes of Season 2 is "this show is kind of depressing," and that might make people turn the channel. I hope not. I'll just say this: Give it a chance. I'm curious enough to want to see Episode 2, so they must be doing SOMETHING right. I like where it's going... like Vincent, the show is evolving into something more powerful.

"Who Am I" airs Monday, October 7 at 9PM (ET) on The CW.


'Beauty and the Beast' Season 2 Premiere Spoilers: The New Beast Reveals a New Adversary

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

When Beauty and the Beast returns for season 2, the show will pick up a few months after the events of the finale. Despite the time jump, the characters are still dealing with the aftermath of Vincent's capture by Muirfield, Gabe's shooting, and the hit and run accident that put Cat's father in a coma.


I've seen the premiere, "Who Am I?," and highly recommend you prepare yourself for an emotional whirlwind. You should expect to have your heart aching, breaking and pounding throughout the hour.

The episode picks up three months after Vincent was captured by Muirfield. While in their custody, he has evolved into a new beast without a scar and he has gained some freaky and amazing new abilities.

Catherine has spent nearly every moment of those months searching for him. She's obsessed with finding Vincent and it's affecting her relationships with everyone close to her. Tess has been covering for Catherine at work and is growing weary of her friend's fixation.

Catherine's relationship with her sister is also strained. The status of her biological father after the hit and run is revealed in the premiere. And, it doesn't appear that Heather or their father has told Catherine about her true parentage.

Catherine's biological father, Agent Reynolds, was behind Vincent's abduction and he continues to be his daughter's unknown adversary. He doesn't want to hurt her, but he's dedicated to the superhuman project. It will be intriguing to find out what he would do if he's forced to make a choice.

The above official photo is quite revealing. Catherine is reunited with Vincent in the premiere, but don't expect a hugs-and-kisses reunion. Vincent is not the beast that he was before and he's also not the same man.

And, yes, Gabe is alive. How that comes to be will be revealed in a flashback to the night that he was shot and Vincent was taken. He has undergone personal transformations of his own that will play heavily into the upcoming season.

"Who Am I" is a reset of sorts from season 1. Joe is gone and isn't working with Catherine or Tess any longer. And, with Nicole Gale Anderson heading to the new show, Ravenswood, it's likely that she won't be around much, if at all, going forward.

The core romance between Catherine and Vincent will be different going forward. Will they find their way back to the epic romance they had in season 1? Or, has Vincent changed too much?

They fell in love once and they can do it again.That's if Vincent isn't turned off by Catherine's overbearing nature with him. She may have found him, but her obsession towards him is only heightened.



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07.10.2013 15:26
#10 RE: " Beauty and the Beast " - News & Infos der zweiten Staffel Zitat · antworten

Play by Day: Start der zweiten Staffel von Beauty and the Beast bei The CW

Beauty and the Beast hat sich im Mai in die Verlängerung gezittert. Nun soll die Serie in ihrer zweiten Staffel deutlich überarbeitet werden und die Liebesgeschichte mehr im Mittelpunkt stehen, genauso wie New York.

Kompletter Bericht inklusive Videoclip


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16.10.2013 19:09
#11 RE: " Beauty and the Beast " - News & Infos der zweiten Staffel Zitat · antworten

USA Quoten : Die Einschaltquoten vom 14. und 15. Oktober 2013

Alles andere als erfreut wird dagegen The CW über die Einschaltquoten am Montagabend sein, welche bei „Hart of Dixie“ (1,1 Millionen Zuschauer, Z18-49: 0.4) und „Beauty & The Beast“ (900.000, Z18-49: 0.3) genau so besch...eiden ausfielen wie in der Woche zuvor.



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03.07.2014 04:01
#12 RE: " Beauty and the Beast " - News & Infos der zweiten Staffel Zitat · antworten

Beauty and the Beast: 2. Staffel bei sixx geplant

Neuer deutscher Sender für Kristen Kreuk und Jay Ryan als „Beauty & The Beast“
(c) The CW

Adam Arndt am Mittwoch, 2.Juli 2014 23.59 Uhr

Sender wechsle dich: Beauty and the Beast wandert von kabel eins zu sixx. Dort wird die Serie zunächst von Anfang an wiederholt und später die zweite Staffel laufen. Wann die Free-TV-Premiere genau erfolgt, ist jedoch noch offen.

Schon ab dem 7. August 2014 wird es ein Wiedersehen mit „Beauty & The Beast“ geben, denn der Sender sixx wird sich dem Format annehmen. Allerdings erst einmal nur in Form von Wiederholungen: Zunächst wird die erste Staffel nach der Deutschlandpremiere der neuen „The Vampire Diaries“-Episoden wiederholt. Die Serie „Beauty & The Beast“ läuft dann also immer donnerstags gegen 21.10 Uhr. Zuvor lief die Serie freitags bei kabel eins, wurde aber zuletzt in die Nachtausstrahlung abgeschoben.

Kompletter Bericht


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14.07.2014 16:52
#13 RE: " Beauty and the Beast " - News & Infos der zweiten Staffel Zitat · antworten

"Beauty and the Beast": Zweite Staffel ab Ende August bei ProSieben Fun

"Beauty and the Beast"

Bild: The CW

Vor einer Woche ging in den USA die zweite Staffel von "Beauty and the Beast" bei The CW zu Ende. Die deutschen Fans der Serie müssen auch nicht mehr lange auf die TV-Premiere warten - sofern sie über Pay-TV verfügen. Der Spartensender ProSieben Fun kündigt die neuen Folgen der Teenie-Mystery an und wird sie ab 31. August sonntags um 21.45 Uhr ausstrahlen.

In der zweiten Staffel sind Detective Cathrine Chandler (Kristin Kreuk) und der mit übernatürlichen Kräften ausgestattete Vincent Keller (Jay Ryan) wiedervereint. Doch Vincent hat sich total verändert und kann sich an nichts erinnern. Cat lässt daraufhin nichts unversucht, um für ihre große Liebe zu kämpfen. Währenddessen macht ein unbekanntes Wesen New York unsicher.

Ein großer Erfolg war die Teenie-Neuauflage von "Die Schöne und das Biest" bislang weder in den USA noch in Deutschland. Die zweite Staffel verfolgten in den Vereinigten Staaten nur noch durchschnittlich 750.000 Zuschauer. Angesichts dessen stand eine Fortsetzung auf der Kippe, dennoch hat sich das Network The CW dazu entschlossen, eine dritte Staffel zu bestellen.

In Deutschland lief die erste Staffel im Frühjahr zunächst zur Primetime am Freitagabend bei kabel eins, bevor der Sender die Serie auf Grund von schlechten Einschaltquoten auf einen Sendeplatz gegen Mitternacht verschob. Immerhin wurden bis Mitte Mai ausnahmslos alle Folgen ausgestrahlt. Die zweite Staffel wird ihre Free-TV-Premiere beim kleinen Schwestersender Sixx feiern - ein exakter Termin ist allerdings noch nicht bekannt. Neueinsteiger haben zunächst ab 7. August noch einmal die Möglichkeit, die erste Staffel zu sehen. Sixx wiederholt die Folgen jeweils donnerstags um 21.10 Uhr.



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09.01.2015 18:40
#14 RE: " Beauty and the Beast " - News & Infos der zweiten Staffel Zitat · antworten

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