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 Taylor Lautner für " Bench "
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20.06.2013 14:59
Taylor Lautner für " Bench " 2013 Zitat · antworten

Taylor Lautner für " Bench " - Erste Stills & Behind the Scene Stills
Taylor Lautner: New Global Bench Setter

Bench sure knows how to keep a bomb and drop it when no one expects it.

The invitation said Bench is revealing their newest international endorser with the premier screening of “Behind Every Scene”; and boy, they would not give a single hint. Come to think of it, the whole program was like a secret gathering: we were led to the basement of Bench tower, greeted by a red-lit “playground” and serenaded by Taylor Swift’s song.

Taylor… No it wasn’t Swift, but her hot, tan and athletic namesake: Taylor Lautner! Yes, the famed Jacob Black is Bench’s newest addition to its lineup of international celebrity endorsers. And if you think that’s the most exciting part, you are definitely wrong. Bench promised to bring Lautner in the country this year.

So Team Jacob, there’s another reason for your to rejoice. For the meantime, feast on his photos below:

Heute wurde Taylor Lautner offiziell als neuer Global Benchsetter der bekannten und beliebten Kleidungsmarke Bench vorgestellt.
Und dazu gibt es einige erste Outtakes und Behind the Scenes Bilder.

Global Benchsetter BTS - Taylor Lautner

Quelle & Textquelle


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20.06.2013 15:52
#2 RE: Taylor Lautner für " Bench " 2013 Zitat · antworten

Aktualisiert : Taylor Lautner für " Bench " - Neue Stills

Behind The Scenes: Taylor Lautner for BENCH/

Veröffentlicht am 19.06.2013

A new campaign advertisement shot by the renowned director Anthony Mandler, music director of Rihanna's "Diamonds", and the director of such acclaimed music videos of Taylor Swift's "I Knew You Were Trouble", Lana De Rey's "Ride", Nicki Minaj's "Starships", Beyonce's "Irreplaceable" and many, many more!

One of the most memorable international campaigns by BENCH/ ever!

Featuring one of the hottest young stars in Hollywood. Proclaimed #2 among the sexiest men of 2010 by Glamour magazine. #4 on the most amazing bodies list by People magazine. International teen icon and star of the phenomenal "Twilight" series.

Behinbd the Scene Stills



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21.06.2013 14:04
#3 RE: Taylor Lautner für " Bench " 2013 Zitat · antworten

Taylor Lautner für " Bench " - Neue Stills & hundert Screencaps

Quelle inklusive den hunder Screencaps


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21.06.2013 14:23
#4 RE: Taylor Lautner für " Bench " 2013 Zitat · antworten

Taylor Lautner: Fotoshooting + Blick ans „Tracers“-Filmset
Einmal Actionheld, immer Actionheld

Taylor Lautner beim Fotoshooting | Bench

Ein paar coole Bewegungen hier, ein paar Klimmzüge da…Taylor Lautner (21) hatte ein stylisches Fotoshooting für die philippinische Klamottenmarke Bench und hier ist das Video dazu.

Das Shooting mit dem Ex-“Twilight“-Star fand in einer alten Lagerhalle im Osten von Los Angeles statt. Als Regisseur stand Anthony Mandler hinter der Kamera, der unter anderem schon Musikvideos für Rihanna, Taylor Swift und Beyoncé drehte.

Taylor wurde kürzlich als als der ‚Global Benchsetter‘ des Unternehmens vorgestellt. Er ist das Gesicht der neuen Modelinie 2013/2014.

Aktuell dreht Lautner in New York City seinen neuen Actionfilm „Tracers“, wo er sich nicht lumpen lässt und viele seiner Stunts selbst macht. Wie lässig es am Set zugeht, könnt ihr euch im Video ganz unten anschauen und dabei auch einen Blick auf Taylors immer noch gut trainierten Luxuskörper werfen.



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22.06.2013 12:21
#5 RE: Taylor Lautner für " Bench " 2013 Zitat · antworten

Taylor Lautner für " Bench " : Neue Stills

Taylor Lautner gets Bench-ed

In the past couple of years, Filipino retail brand Bench has amped up its international profile with a roster of Hollywood celebrity endorsers that includes Bruno Mars, Joe Jonas, Lucy Hale, Liam Hemsworth, and Adam Levine. Yesterday afternoon, the company revealed the identity of their newest Global Benchsetter: The Twilight Saga's Taylor Lautner. was invited to the Bench Tower in Bonifacio Global City for the exclusive premiere of Bench's latest campaign entitled "Behind Every Scene." We were treated to a sneak peek at the new TV commercial and print ads featuring Lautner, and even got to watch a reel of behind-the-scenes clips from the shoot.

Bench CEO Ben Chan flew all the way to Los Angeles to personally oversee the high-profile campaign, which was shot by photographer, videographer, and director Anthony Mandler (who has worked with the likes of Rihanna, David Beckham, Taylor Swift, Usher, Beyonce, Shakira, Nicki Minaj, and Justin Bieber). We spoke to Chan after the press event to find out why Lautner was chosen to be an endorser: "We wanted someone [who's] a superstar in that league. Although we've [had] Adam Levine, he's not into movies; he's into music. So we wanted to tap somebody at the same level [of stardom]," he said.

Chan told us that Lautner signed on with Bench for one year, and that we can expect a visit from the 21-year-old heartthrob within the year, depending on his shooting schedule. But this is more than just a business arrangement for Lautner; according to Chan, "Before he signed the deal, he already liked the clothes."

In the campaign, Lautner models Bench's latest collection of preppy cardigans, pique shirts, printed shirts, and colored chinos. The shoot was styled by Samantha McMillen, who was included in The Hollywood Reporter's list of 25 Most Powerful Stylists.

Click through the gallery below to see behind-the-scenes snaps of Lautner at his Bench fashion shoot, and stay tuned for updates on when you can expect him in Manila!

Campaign and behind-the-scenes photos courtesy of Bench; watermarked photos by Toni Carillo



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26.06.2013 05:04
#6 RE: Taylor Lautner für " Bench " 2013 Zitat · antworten

Taylor Lautner für " Bench " : Neue unbeschriftete Stills


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01.07.2013 15:00
#7 RE: Taylor Lautner für " Bench " 2013 Zitat · antworten

Taylor Lautner für " Bench " : Neue Globale Stills



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19.07.2013 18:51
#8 RE: Taylor Lautner für " Bench " 2013 Zitat · antworten

Video : Taylor Lautner für " BENCH " im August 2013 in Manila

Taylor Lautner for BENCH/ in Manila: August 2013


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26.07.2013 18:27
#9 RE: Taylor Lautner für " Bench " 2013 Zitat · antworten

Neuer Scan : Taylor Lautner für " BENCH "


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30.07.2013 14:19
#10 RE: Taylor Lautner für " Bench " 2013 Zitat · antworten

Taylor Lautner für " Bench " - Neuer Videoclip


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07.08.2013 13:55
#11 RE: Taylor Lautner für " Bench " 2013 Zitat · antworten

Taylor Lautner für " Bench " : Erste neue Promo Poster für die Kampagne



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15.08.2013 19:24
#12 RE: Taylor Lautner für " Bench " 2013 Zitat · antworten

Taylor Lautner für " Bench " : Neuer Still & neuer Scan

Am 17. und 18. August wird Taylor Lautner als Global Benchsetter auf den Philippinen sein.



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16.08.2013 19:48
#13 RE: Taylor Lautner für " Bench " 2013 Zitat · antworten

Taylor Lautner für " Bench " in Manila

Ankunft am Flughafen

Taylor Lautner für " BENCH " bei der Pressekonferenz



Taylor Lautner vor der Pressekonferenz


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17.08.2013 10:15
#14 RE: Taylor Lautner für " Bench " 2013 Zitat · antworten


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17.08.2013 10:35
#15 RE: Taylor Lautner für " Bench " 2013 Zitat · antworten

Taylor Lautner für " Bench " : Interwiev in englisch
A casual conversation with Taylor Lautner

Posted at 08/17/2013 2:50 AM | Updated as of 08/17/2013 3:25 PM

Taylor Lautner is the latest international endorser of local lifestyle brand Bench.-- Photo from the official website of Bench

MANILA -- "Twilight" star Taylor Lautner treated as an "honest conversation" his first-ever sit-down interview in the Philippines.

The Michigan-raised heartthrob, who started acting as early as 10 years old, said he has had years of training to become media-savvy. It helps, he added, that he tends to engage any interviewer as if he's having a casual conversation.

"It wasn't like a sit-down coaching session, but I'll give a lot of that to my parents," the 21-year-old actor said, when asked how he developed a certain warmth in interacting with fans and the media.

He added: "My parents helped me a lot growing up, because I did, I started out at such a young age. I mean, I was doing interviews when I was 10 years old, and that's just not normal."

Long-time fans of Lautner may remember him as a teen star in the 3D sci-fi adventure movie "The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl," which was released in 2005.

Three years later, Lautner would land his biggest role yet as the lovelorn werewolf Jacob Black in the film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight" series of books.

Lautner has since enjoyed international success, but noted that despite the initial media frenzy surrounding his part in the "Twilight" franchise, "I've always been able to be myself."

'People person'

As he related to "Bandila" anchor Boy Abunda in a one-on-one interview on Friday, Lautner, unlike some celebrities, always enjoyed interacting with the press.

"I'm a people person. I love meeting new people, I love talking with people, I love getting to know people, and you just treat it as an honest conversation. And that's the easiest way," he said.

The actor also brought this up in expressing his excitement for his fan conference, which will be held Saturday at the Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City as part of his endorsement deal with the local clothing line Bench.

Ahead of the "fun meet," Lautner related in his 10-minute chat with Abunda his impression of the Philippines so far, how he handled the "Twilight" craze, living up to expectations, and whether he'd give up his famous abs for a sure ticket to heaven.

When you were told you were coming to the Philippines, what was the first thing that came to mind?
I heard a lot about it. I've heard that it's beautiful, I've heard that I would love the humidity, but I came prepared. And I heard that, you know, the people here are great. So I was looking forward to seeing all the fans!

You're a "Global Benchsetter." How does that feel?
It's an extreme honor. I love the brand. I love everybody involved with it. I love wearing it, so I'm very honored to be recognized with it.

"Twilight" happened. Were you ready for fame?
No, definitely not. I don't know if anybody could be ready for it, or be prepared for it especially at the level that "Twilight" gave to all of us.

Is it true that you almost weren't hired back for the second "Twilight" film?
Yeah. I mean, the role of Jacob Black changes so much from the first book to the second that I don't think it was anybody's plan all along to use the same actor. Because in "Twilight," he was a boy -- a skinny, scrawny boy, a 15-year-old. And in the second one, he goes from a boy to a man, and he grows massively not only physically and emotionally as well.

You will be Jacob Black for a long, long time. Isn't that limiting for a young actor who wants to explore diverse characters?
You're completely right. But you could also look at it a different way. I don't look at it as, "It limits me." I first look at it as, "That role gave me the opportunity to do this." And it's now my job to take what that gave me and go with it, and work even harder to grow.

But at the same time, I would be fine being known as Jacob Black forever, because that role and that experience means so much to me. And in a way, if you're known as that, you know you did your job. I mean, our job was to make those "Twilight" fans believe that we are those characters. But absolutely, as an actor, you want to grow and move on.

Do you enjoy fame?
I enjoy what comes with it (fame). I mean, there's good and there's bad. But would I change it? Absolutely not. I'm extremely lucky to do what I love to do and, I mean, it's fun. The loss of privacy, there's all that, but you adapt to it.

How do you keep your privacy in a very public job like yours?
I live in California, but I don't live right in the heart of Beverly Hills. I live out of the way, I spend a lot of time with my family and my friends. So, I mean, that helps. And you also have to accept the fact that it's going to happen sometimes.

The massive adulation and the perks can take you away from the core. How do you manage?
I think what helps me is my close relationship with my family and friends. I mean, I spend time with the same people that I did before any of this happened to me. I didn't completely change my close circle of friendship and my family. That is all the same, and everybody in that close circle treats me the exact same way now as they did five years ago.

You make it a point to spend time with your fans. Not everyone is as kind. Where do you get this?
I don't know. I can't picture not being that gracious because the truth is, yes, it has required a lot of hard work that has gone into it. But I wouldn't be here without all that support, and I wouldn't be here without those fans.

People's expectations and Hollywood's expections -- how do you manage?
I mean, you try and not focus on the expectations as much as possible. You try and focus on you and what you want and what your personal goals are.

You've worked with Kristen Stewart in "Twilight" and Marie Avgeropoulos in "Tracers." Tell me what you can about these ladies.
I mean, they're similar in ways, and yet they're very different. Kristen and I are extremely close. I mean, we've worked together for five years, and we weren't filming together, we were promoting the movies together. The entire "Twilight" cast, we're all great friends now.

There wasn't any moment when you fell for her?
(Laughs) No, there wasn't. We're very, very good friends.

And Marie (Lautner's rumored girlfriend)?
Marie's extremely talented, she did a great job in the movie. We had a blast making the film in New York City. It was my first time filming anything in New York. I mean, that movie was very different for me. It was a challenge, so we had a great time together.

You're always asked about your abs and girls. Do you mind?
(Laughs) I don't mind. I mean, you know, it comes with the territory. When you play a role for five years who takes his shirt off at any given, random moment, you know, you just got to go with it.

Is it true that as a child, you were a biter?
A biter? You know what, that's true! I had no idea that was out there, but I was a biter as a child. (Laughs)

Let's do fast talk. Shirts on or shirts off?
Shirt on, absolutely.

Shark or wolf?
(Hesitates) Wolf.

Short hair or long hair?

Football or baseball?

Good girl or naughty girl?

Boxers or brief?

Lights on or lights off?
Lights... off.

Los Angeles or Michigan?

Las Vegas or New York?
New York.

Oscars or Golden Globes?

Oprah or Ellen?
Geez, I don't know if I'll be able to choose. I've been on both of their shows. I can't do that one! (Laughs)

Twitter or Facebook?

Day or night?

Beyonce or Lady Gaga?
Beyonce. (Laughs)

Karate or boxing?

Spurs or Heat?
Oh, I'm going to piss off a lot of people here. Heat. I'm a LeBron (James) fan.

Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise?
Oh, I like them both. I will go Tom Cruise, but that's a tough one.

Black or white?
White? (Laughs)

Sunrise or sunset?
Um, sun... set.

Superman or Batman?

Smart or sexy?

Abs or heaven?
Abs or heaven? What? (Laughs) I don't even understand that one! Heaven!

Fame or money?
Neither. (Laughs)

Love or career?

Taylor or Jacob Black?
Let's stick with Taylor.

Your message to your Filipino fans?
First of all, thank you for finally having me. I've always wanted to come here, so it's super exciting to finally be here, and thank you for all the support over the years. I look forward to spending time with you in the future as well.

Describe Taylor in just one word.
One word? Oh, man. I... geez. I mean, I don't know. At the moment, "excited." I'm excited about everything!



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18.08.2013 12:15
#16 RE: Taylor Lautner für " Bench " 2013 Zitat · antworten

Taylor Lautner für " Bench " beim Benchsetter Fun Meet Event in der SM Mall of Asia Arena 17 August 2013

Fan Fotos


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01.09.2013 13:29
#17 RE: Taylor Lautner für " Bench " 2013 Zitat · antworten

Taylor Lautner für " Bench " : Neunundneunzig Fan Fotos August 2013

Quelle & alle 99 Fotos findet ihr hier


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20.09.2013 20:34
#18 RE: Taylor Lautner für " Bench " 2013 Zitat · antworten

Taylor Lautner für " Bench " : Zwei neue unbeschriftete Stills



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20.09.2013 20:37
#19 RE: Taylor Lautner für " Bench " 2013 Zitat · antworten

Taylor Lautner für " Bench " : Offizieller Videoclip vom Besuch in Manila

BENCH/ Presents: Taylor Lautner - Live In Manila

Veröffentlicht am 13.09.2013


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17.11.2013 10:11
#20 RE: Taylor Lautner für " Bench " 2013 Zitat · antworten

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