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 The Hunger Games
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16.02.2013 17:18
#81 RE: Jennifer Lawrence Zitat · antworten

Cover : Jennifer Lawrence auf dem Cover des " Backstage " Magazin Februar 2013

Oscar-Nominee Jennifer Lawrence Is In a League of Her Own

Photo Source: Blake Gardner

Jennifer Lawrence has a good excuse for running late to our interview. The actor whom everyone wants to meet was on her way to the lounge of a five-star hotel for our appointment when she had the opportunity to be introduced to the creator-star of “Girls,” Lena Dunham.

“I had a total fan-girl geek-out,” Lawrence says, reveling in the experience. “I’m such a huge fan of hers; I kind of got really insane and put my arm around her neck. I forget I’m much bigger than other people, and I probably half strangled her.”

Meeting a personal hero is just another part of a good week for Lawrence. The day before, she earned her second Oscar nomination and picked up two Critics’ Choice Awards, one for playing the Girl on Fire in “The Hunger Games” and one for playing the girl who dances with Bradley Cooper in “Silver Linings Playbook.” In two days, she will win a Golden Globe Award for the latter. Perhaps the biggest testament to her newly minted it-girl status: In a week she will be hosting “Saturday Night Live.” It’s a lot to take in, let alone for a 22-year-old self-proclaimed “dork” from Louisville, Ky. So let’s go right to the source and ask Lawrence: What is it like to be her right now?

“Confusing,” Lawrence says, then lets loose a long laugh. “You know when something is just too much to take in and there’s only a certain amount you can absorb as a human? Last night Daniel Day-Lewis and Tommy Lee Jones were sitting next to my table, and I was like, ‘I can’t process this right now. So I’m just going to turn away.’ ”

Much has been made of Lawrence’s uncensored, refreshing attitude, a willingness to not take herself too seriously. Today is no exception, as she demonstrates the one imitation she says she can pull off—Michael McDonald—by singing a few bars from “What a Fool Believes.”

What is serious is her talent; few actors can hold their own with Robert De Niro, not to mention steal a scene from him. Lawrence so consistently disappears into her roles that it’s difficult to believe she is only 22. Perhaps even more difficult to fathom is that she could get even better. As “The Hunger Games” director Gary Ross told Backstage, “I don’t think she has any peers in her generation. I think we’re seeing the infancy of what’s going to be a huge, huge career, a historic career.”

Lawrence might be at the top of every director’s list, but she has had to fight for her most iconic roles. Her initial discovery is the stuff of fairy tales; she was visiting New York on spring break with her family at age 14 when a photographer asked to take her photo. Modeling agencies began calling, and “we didn’t really have anything better to do,” so she met with some.

“On the cab ride to my first meeting, I decided in my 14-year-old head I was going to be an actress,” Lawrence says. “I had never once thought of it before, really.” Her mother, Karen, helped her keep a level head. “I was being offered contracts, and my mom told me they were blowing smoke up my butt—her exact words—and just wanted my money.” But on returning to Louisville, Lawrence began begging her parents every day. That summer her mother took her to New York to try it out. “She was probably hoping I would fail and get it out of my system,” Lawrence says. “And it just kind of kept snowballing, out of control.”

Commercials (including a promo for MTV’s “My Super Sweet 16” that earned her her SAG card, as she revealed in her 2013 SAG Award acceptance speech) and a role on “The Bill Engvall Show” followed, and Lawrence broke into movies with two powerful roles in little-seen films in 2008, “The Burning Plain” and “The Poker House.” But it was her turn as tough, wise-beyond-her-years Ree Dolly in 2010’s “Winter’s Bone” that changed everything.

At first, writer-director Debra Granik didn’t want to cast Lawrence, regarding her as too pretty. When casting moved to New York, Lawrence took a redeye and refused to sleep on the plane.

“I didn’t shower or brush my hair, just went in to the audition,” she says. “I ended up looking just bad enough that they gave me the part.”

She also auditioned for “The Hunger Games,” an experience Ross says “was like no audition I’d ever seen. It was one of the most powerful acting experiences I’d ever had.” And she auditioned for the role of outspoken widow Tiffany in “Silver Linings” over Skype, something the “least technologically inclined person in the world” hadn’t done before. Writer-director David O. Russell says Lawrence came in late in the casting process and simply blew away the competition, despite that in Matthew Quick’s book, Tiffany is in her 30s. Even Lawrence says, “With ‘Silver Linings,’ I totally get why I had to audition—I was way too young for the part.” After she won the role, an addition was made to the script in which Cooper’s character asks her about her age. Though Russell says the line was added, he notes, “But once she became the character, her age never really felt like an issue because she has such a timeless quality.”

Lawrence says she prefers to audition. “Being offered a part is very nice, but there’s something about feeling like you really went in there and earned it,” she says. “Then in times of doubt, you know they saw something in you and hired you for a reason. Because I have many moments of doubt, and that’s always been very helpful.”

Also helpful is her secret weapon and biggest supporter, her mother.

“My mom is a literary genius,” Lawrence says. “She read ‘Winter’s Bone’ when I was 15 and said I should play the part. She read ‘Hunger Games’ before it was a big hit and turned me on to that.” Karen Lawrence was also responsible for two of Lawrence’s upcoming projects. She read Jeannette Walls’ memoir “The Glass Castle” and recommended it to her daughter, who has acquired the film rights. And she read the screenplays for “Ends of the Earth” by “Argo” scribe Chris Terrio, which Lawrence is now attached to star in and calls the “most amazing script I’ve ever read.” Says Lawrence, “She’s been offered jobs in the industry but just does it for fun. Which is great—because I’ve got her! And I don’t even have to pay her.”

Before anything else, Lawrence already has “Serena,” a period drama in which she reteams with Cooper, in the can. She has a few days left on the “Hunger Games” follow-up, “Catching Fire,” and will soon start shooting the sequel in her other franchise, “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” in which she reprises her role as Mystique. And then there’s Oscar night, which is just as sweet the second time around, particularly as three of her co-stars are nominated.

“I’m just thrilled to be in this movie with such an amazing cast,” she says. “I’ve never been through this; the last time, I kind of went through this alone and didn’t get to sit at the table with everyone from the movie. It’s a really incredible feeling.”

72 Fotos des Shootings findet ihr hier



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23.02.2013 18:45
#82 RE: Jennifer Lawrence Zitat · antworten

Audio Interwiev : Jennifer Lawrence im Interwiev mit Ryan Seacrest


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23.02.2013 18:53
#83 RE: Jennifer Lawrence Zitat · antworten

Audio Interwiev : Jennifer Lawrence im Interwiev mit " WFPL "


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23.02.2013 18:55
#84 RE: Jennifer Lawrence Zitat · antworten

Video & Cover : Jennifer Lawrence auf dem Cover des " Oscar Wrap " Magazin`s 2013


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25.02.2013 11:57
#85 RE: Jennifer Lawrence Zitat · antworten

«Argo», Day-Lewis und Lee gewinnen
Jennifer Lawrence stolpert zum Oscar

Zum 85. Mal wurden die begehrtesten Filmpreise der Welt verliehen. Es gab viele Gewinner, aber keinen klaren Sieger. Der grosse Verlierer ist trotz Daniel Day-Lewis «Lincoln» von Steven Spielberg.

Vier verschiedene Filme gewinnen die vier bedeutendsten Oscars. Regisseur, Hauptdarsteller und Co-Produzent Ben Affleck holte mit «Argo» den von Michelle Obama verliehenen Preis für den besten Film – und damit auch George Clooney als Produzent. Atemlos haspelte sich Affleck durch die Danksagung, für ihn ist der Triumph auch eine grosse Genugtuung. Schliesslich war er nicht als bester Regisseur nominiert.

Dass er gewinnen würde, war so gut wie sicher. Daniel Day-Lewis holte für «Lincoln» seinen bereits dritten Oscar als bester Hauptdarsteller, Rekord! Der Brite brachte Emotionen in eine ansonsten eher unterkühlte Oscar-Verleihung mit einer bewegenden Dankesrede an seine Frau und seine Mutter, der er den Goldjungen widmete. Sein Oscar blieb die einzige Auszeichnung für das mit 12 Nominationen als Favorit ins Rennen gegangene Historien-Drama von Steven Spielberg.

Auf dem Weg zu ihrem grössten Triumph fiel sie auf der Treppe hin. Das konnte die Freude der erst 22-jährigen Jennifer Lawrence über den Oscar als beste Hauptdarstellerin für die Rolle einer nymphomanischen Witwe in «Silver Lining Playbook» aber natürlich nicht schmälern, auch wenn es ihr «peinlich» war. Auch Jennifers Tante durfte sich freuen, der sie zum Geburtstag gratulierte.

Ang Lee gewann den Oscar als bester Regisseur für sein 3D-Meisterwerk «Life of Pi». Und dankte neben seiner Crew und Taiwan in erster Linie dem «Filmgott». Mit insgesamt vier Oscars gewann «Life of Pi» am meisten Trophäen.

Kompletter Bericht inklusive Videoclip


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10.04.2013 08:45
#86 RE: Jennifer Lawrence Zitat · antworten

Neue Stills : Jennifer Lawrence für die neue " Miss Dior " Kampagne



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10.04.2013 08:53
#87 RE: Jennifer Lawrence Zitat · antworten

Neuer Photoshoot : Jennifer Lawrence für " The Wrap " April 2013



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10.04.2013 08:58
#88 RE: Jennifer Lawrence Zitat · antworten

Jennifer Lawrence im Interwiev mit dem " Fabulous " Magazin UK / England

‘My parents would never let me turn into a diva’

She’s Hollywood’s hottest property, but isn’t letting it go to her head. Meet Jennifer Lawrence, a very normal superstar…

Amid the plastic fantasticness of Hollywood, where celebrity publicists pull the strings and much of reality is stage-managed, Jennifer Lawrence’s unique brand of clumsy, carefree perfection has been a breath of fresh air.

She drinks, she swears, she totally speaks her mind. She admits she hasn’t got a clue about fashion and that she only exercises so she can eat pizza for breakfast.

And of course, she trips and falls in front of a global audience of, ooh, only hundreds of millions of people during the biggest moment of her career, and doesn’t even attempt to style it out.

“That,” she says following her stumble en route to collecting her Best Actress Oscar for her breathtaking performance in Silver Linings Playbook, “was embarrassing.”

The adorably garbled, breathless and entirely unprepared acceptance speech that followed, served only to make us fall a little bit more in love with her. She’s sparky, quirky and stupidly talented and, at the age of 22, arguably Tinseltown’s most bankable star.

But while everything around her might be changing, the multimillionairess remains the same down-to-earth girl from Kentucky who still can’t justify purchasing anything from what she sees as over-priced hotel mini-bars.

“I just constantly feel so lucky, that I don’t really have time to feel cocky,” she says. “I was raised to have value for money, to have respect for money, even though you have a lot of it.

“That’s why mini-bars are difficult, because it’s like yes, I can afford a $6 Snickers bar, but there’s just something wrong with that! I still drive my same car I’ve been driving for a long time and I haven’t bought a house yet.

“Definitely my family is not the kind of family that would ever let me turn into an asshole or anything like that, so I am fortunate to have them.”

Jennifer received her first Oscar nomination in 2011 for independent drama and surprise hit Winter’s Bone, but it was her subsequent starring roles as Raven Darkholme in X-Men: First Class later that year and Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games in 2012 that catapulted her into the international consciousness. Follow-ups to both films are underway.

However, it was romcom-drama Silver Linings Playbook, in which she took on the part of widowed sex addict Tiffany Maxwell, that, as well as the Oscar, scooped her Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild awards, plus a BAFTA nomination.

Despite her success, she admits she still finds awards ceremonies terrifying. “I’m afraid I’m going to go my whole life being scared like a chihuahua,” she says. “It’s not my comfort zone. Making movies is where I belong. I shouldn’t be heard just talking. So, when I’m doing movies, I’m really happy. That’s where I’m comfortable, that’s my home. When you put me on a red carpet or on a stage, I turn into chihuahua Jennifer.”

Home girl

She’s not comfortable with fame either, and dreads reading her interviews. She’s only too aware that, however refreshing, she’s yet to learn how to filter her thoughts.

“I have no control over what comes out of my mouth,” she says. “I would probably turn into a mute if I read what I said!”

Recently single after splitting with British actor Nicholas Hoult, 23, in January, Jennifer tends to shun the A-list party scene. She prefers to hang out with non-celeb friends she’s known for years.

“I’m more comfortable with people who know me, like my close friends who I have known forever and my family obviously,” she says.

“There is kind of a sadness that happens when you look into someone’s eyes and you realise that they’re looking at you a certain way, like you are not really you.

“I don’t ever walk around feeling famous. I walk around feeling the exact same way I have walked around my entire life, but it’s not until I talk to somebody and see in their eyes that I’m different. It makes me feel weird.”

It’s why she had to think long and hard before signing up for The Hunger Games. She knew it was a juggernaut and the sort of life-changing movie role that would mean things could never quite be the same again.

“It’s really rare that saying yes to something will completely change your life,” she says.

“I was happy with my life and I didn’t know if I wanted it to change. I’ve always had this imaginary future where I would be a soccer mom that drove a mini-van and my kids would be normal. That just didn’t fit with taking on a giant franchise.

“So, I took three days to decide, and each day was a different answer. I finally talked to my mom. I’d only really done indie films before that, and she said: ‘Every time people ask you why you don’t do studio movies, you always say that it’s because you don’t care about the size of the movie, you care about the story and the character. But you’re a hypocrite, because now you have a story and a character that you love, but you’re not saying yes to it because of the size of it.’ So, I said yes, and I haven’t regretted it.”

Good logic, Ma Lawrence. Though Jen’s mum, Karen, who runs a children’s camp, wasn’t always quite so supportive of Jennifer’s ambition.

When her daughter quit school at the age of 14 and moved from Louisville to New York to make it as an actress, Karen and her husband, former cement company boss Gary, both 56, were naturally horrified.

They eventually relented after Jennifer’s older brothers Ben and Blaine persuaded them to let her follow her dream.

“My brothers called them and said: ‘You’ve travelled all over the country with us, for baseball, football and basketball. This is her baseball game. You have to support her.’ So they were forced to, at that point.”

Karen accompanied her daughter to the Big Apple and Jennifer started going to auditions, eventually getting her break in TV comedy The Bill Engvall Show, despite never having had an acting lesson in her life.

“I felt like it was the only thing I had ever known that I understood, and I didn’t want to let go of that. I think my mom saw the same thing and didn’t really want to send me back to school, where I wasn’t very happy. “She saw how happy I was, living in a rat-infested apartment by myself, just auditioning.”

Fashion convert

Jennifer’s come a long way since then. And with global fame has come a steep learning curve in fashion for the self-confessed tomboy. With top designers falling over each other to dress her – she’s currently the face of Dior, who she wore to the Oscars – she’s learning to embrace it.“I am getting there. I’ve hated shopping my entire life. My mom used to drive me to TJ Maxx and I would almost faint out of boredom.

“[I got] gifted clothes that I didn’t really like, but they were free, so I didn’t have to go shopping. So I would spend, like, years just wearing clothes that I didn’t really like.

“I recently bit the bullet and went shopping and really enjoyed it. Now I am kind of starting to like clothes.”

Her notoriety means she can’t really go on spending sprees down Rodeo Drive these days though, and so most of her shopping is done online.

But that’s a small sacrifice. While Jennifer might understandably be taking a little time to fully adjust to fame, she’s certainly not complaining.

“A lot of things that I didn’t even think could ever be possible for me have happened, all in a year. It’s been overwhelming, but in a wonderful way.”

Laying down the J.Law

What scares you?

Spiders and ghosts. I actually get comforted when I feel like there might be a burglar in my house, like: “There’s a real person that might be breaking into my house, it’s not a ghost, that’s a relief.”

Do you prefer flats or heels?

Flats. When I’m in high heels I feel like an ogre, I can’t walk and my feet are uncomfortable. I’m at that awkward height where I’m already kind of tall [5ft 7½in], so when I put heels on, everyone is like: “Oh, well, where’s the ball?” It’s just that they make me look too dressed up and yeah, I’m terrible in heels.”

Going out or staying in?

I do like going out but every time I’m out, I am always thinking about my couch. And I’m thinking I would probably be having more fun if I was on my couch right now…

What makes you laugh?

I think when people run into things or people get hurt… I know I just have a terrible reaction when I start laughing! Then I ask if anyone is OK. But I just think people falling down and getting hurt is classic hilarity.

Who’s your inspiration?

Meryl Streep. When I was about 13 or 14, Sophie’s Choice was on TV. I was just like, jaw dropped. Unbelievable. And I’ve tried to watch her in just about everything, because I think she’s incredible



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10.04.2013 09:01
#89 RE: Jennifer Lawrence Zitat · antworten

Jennifer Lawrence auf dem Cover des " Fabulous " Magazin UK / England



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10.04.2013 09:05
#90 RE: Jennifer Lawrence Zitat · antworten

Cover Girl : Jennifer Lawrence au dem Cover des " People Style Watch " Magazin`s

Quelle FB


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21.04.2013 10:26
#91 RE: Jennifer Lawrence Zitat · antworten

Jennifer Lawrence auf dem Cover des " Time’s 100 Most Influential " Magazin USA



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23.04.2013 08:39
#92 RE: Jennifer Lawrence Zitat · antworten

Boston-Dreh geht weiter

Bradley Cooper darf wieder zurück ans Set von "American Hustle", nachdem der Terrorverdächtige von Boston gefasst wurde. Während der Suche nach dem jungen Mann musste auch das Filmteam pausieren.

Bradley Cooper (38) wird die Dreharbeiten zu 'American Hustle' wieder aufnehmen, nachdem der vermutliche Attentäter des Bombenanschlags beim Boston Marathon gefasst wurde.

Der Schauspieler ('Silver Linings') stand zusammen mit seinen Co-Stars Christian Bale (39, 'The Dark Knight Rises'), Amy Adams (38, 'The Master'), Jeremy Renner (42, 'Marvel's The Avengers') und ennifer Lawrence (22, 'Die Tribute von Panem - The Hunger Games') für das David-O.-Russel-Krimidrama vor der Kamera, doch die gesamte Besetzung musste vergangene Woche eine Auszeit nehmen, während die Polizei die beiden Männer jagte, die für den Anschlag am vergangenen Montag in der Hauptstadt von Massachusetts verantwortlich gemacht werden. Bei dem Attentat kamen drei Menschen ums Leben und fast 200 wurden verletzt. Die gesamte Stadt wurde während der Fahndung abgeriegelt, alle Einwohner mussten in ihren Häusern und die Geschäfte geschlossen bleiben. "Die Produktion beherzigt die Aufforderung des Gouverneurs, drinnen zu bleiben", erklärte ein Sony-Sprecher 'Deadline' zu dem Zeitpunkt.

Der erste Tatverdächtige, Tamerlan Tsarnaev (†26), wurde am Donnerstagabend bei einem Schusswechsel mit der Polizei getötet. Sein jüngerer Bruder, Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev (19), konnte flüchten. Der Teenager wurde schließlich am späten Freitagabend von der Polizei gestellt. Die Produktion dürfe nun wieder aufgenommen werden, verkündete ein Sony-Sprecher. Es wird davon ausgegangen, dass die Dreharbeiten am heutigen Montag weitergehen.

Bradley Cooper soll in seiner unfreiwilligen Auszeit alles dafür getan haben, den Opfern des Attentats beizustehen. Er besuchte zusammen mit dem Footballer Julian Edelman (26), der für das Massachusetts-Team New England Patriots spielt, das Bombenopfer Jeffrey Bauman Jr. im Krankenhaus. Der Sportler veröffentlichte ein Foto von den dreien zusammen im Krankenhaus. "Besuchten heute den Überlebenden und Helden Jeffrey Bauman Jr. Er sah großartig aus und ist eine wahre Inspiration. Stark", schrieb der Athlet und fügte das Foto von sich, dem Verletzten und Bradley Cooper bei.



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23.04.2013 08:53
#93 RE: Jennifer Lawrence Zitat · antworten

Kurz und dunkel: Jennifer Lawrence überrascht mit neuer Frisur

"Hunger Games"-Star Jennifer Lawrence überraschte am Samstag mit ihrer neuen Frisur. Die Schauspielerin, die dieses Jahr ihren ersten Oscar erhalten hat, verabschiedete sich von ihren langen, blonden Haaren. Die Hollywood-Damen wagen immer häufiger kurze Frisuren – JLaw hat sich jetzt auch getraut. Gefällt euch der neue Look?

Jennifer Lawrence zählt zu den Jungstars schlechthin. Die schöne Blondine wurde erstmals durch das Drama „Winter’s Bone“ bekannt. Seitdem ging es karrieretechnisch bergauf. In der Verfilmung der Jugendbuchreihe „The Hunger Games“ hat sie die Hauptrolle ergattert und verkörpert auch die nächsten Jahre die Buchheldin Katniss Everdeen. Ihr schauspielerisches Talent bewies sie zuletzt in dem Drama „Silver Linings Playbook“ und bekam dafür einen Oscar für die beste Hauptdarstellerin. Seitdem zählt sie als aufgehender Stern am Hollywood-Himmel.

Tschüss lange Haare!
Mit langen, blonden Haaren wurde sie berühmt. Aber sie schreckte auch nicht davor zurück, sie für ihre Rollen dunkel zu färben – in „Silver Linings Playbook“ sieht man den Star mit schwarzer Mähne! Privat hat sie sich jetzt auch zu einer Veränderung ihrer Haare getraut: Am Samstag präsentierte sie bei einer öffentlichen Veranstaltung schulterlange, braune Haare, die mit ein paar blonden Strähnen aufgepeppt sind. Richtig ungewohnt! Die neue Frisur lässt Jen gleich um ein paar Jahre älter wirken. Wie findet ihr den neuen Look?

Jennifer Lawrence wird für ihre direkte Art geliebt. Hier sind ein paar lustige Momente der Schauspielerin


Jennifer Lawrence Hair Double-Take: Whoa, That's a Change!

Jennifer Lawrence's first red carpet appearance in months caused fans to do a double-take, and not just because she flubbed Bill Clinton's name on stage.

Check out her new, shorter hairstyle!

Looking gorgeous as ever, the 22-year-old attended the GLAAD Media Awards in L.A. Saturday, sporting a side-swept, almost shaggy fringe look.

In addition to the change in length, the honey-colored highlights and wavy layering lend a slightly unkempt feel that fits a low-maintenance gal like Jen.

Even at an A-list event, it seems to work ... right?



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10.05.2013 14:11
#94 RE: Jennifer Lawrence Zitat · antworten

Jennifer Lawrence : " Silver Linings Playbook " DVD bestellbar

Infos & Bestellbar (USA)


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22.05.2013 16:56
#95 RE: Jennifer Lawrence Zitat · antworten

Jennifer Lawrence All Blue For “X-Men: Days Of Future Past”

Jennifer Lawrence is getting back to work on “x-men days of future” and suited up in her mutant mystique costume over the weekend

Gossip Center reports: Director Bryan Singer posted a pic of the Oscar-winner via Twitter revealing Jen’s perfectly toned bod in the skin tight ensemble.



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09.06.2013 20:09
#96 RE: Jennifer Lawrence Zitat · antworten

Jennifer Lawrence on Complex’s List of Hottest Women Right Now

3. Jennifer Lawrence
Occupation: Actress
Biggest accomplishment this year: Winning the Academy Award for Best Actress, for Silver Linings Playbook

At this point, we’re all living in Jennifer Lawrence’s world. The 22-year-old has become one of the most sought-after names in Hollywood, winning an Oscar for Silver Linings Playbook and being named one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World this past April. She’s attached to a number of upcoming projects, most notably the first Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire, which is slated for release in November of this year. She also had a hosting gig on Saturday Night Live, proving that she is certainly not above making fun of herself.

Quelle & die komplette Liste findet ihr hier (Fotostrecke)


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09.06.2013 20:21
#97 RE: Jennifer Lawrence Zitat · antworten

Jennifer Lawrence Covers Gala Croisette for Cannes 2013

Jennifer Lawrence graces the cover of GALA Croisette for Cannes Film Festival 2013.
She had like 3 different outfits during the event and she looked incredible in all of them!



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03.07.2013 13:51
#98 RE: Jennifer Lawrence Zitat · antworten

Jennifer Lawrence
Sexy bei Dior

© CoverMedia

Oscar-Preisträgerin Jennifer Lawrence präsentierte sich bei der gestrigen Christian Dior Haute Couture Schau in Paris mit super straffem Bauch.

Jennifer Lawrence (22) bewunderte die neue Christian Dior Herbst/Winter 2013 Kollektion aus der ersten Reihe, zudem ziert das Antlitz der Schauspielerin die aktuelle Miss-Dior-Kampagne des Labels.

Lawrence ('Die Tribute von Panem - The Hunger Games') besuchte die Veranstaltung im edlen Pariser Hotel Des Invalides in einem ungewöhnlichen Kurztop gepaart mit einer asymmetrischen Hose. Ihr pinkfarbenes und mit Spitze verziertes Top gab freien Blick auf ihre beeindruckenden Bauchmuskeln. Auf der linken Seite zierte eine blaue Linie das ärmellose Oberteil, während die rechte Seite durch einen gelben Streifen definiert war. Passend dazu trug Lawrence eine lässige Hose, die den gleichen blauen Farbton widerspiegelte, der sich bereits im Top zeigte, wobei das Ensemble fast wir ein Jogginganzug wirkte. Die eine Seite des Outfits war knapp geschneidert, während die andere an den sogenannten Harem-Stil erinnerte.

Angesichts des auffälligen Outfits entschied sich die Schöne bei der Wahl ihrer Accessoires für Schlichtheit. Halbhohe schwarze Pumps sowie eine riesige dunkle Sonnenbrille waren ihr hier genug.

Im Laufe des auf die Schau folgenden Dinners stieß Lawrence auf die modisch versierte Sängerin Rihanna (25, 'Diamonds'). Beide Stars posierten für die Fotografen, wobei die Schauspielerin ein einfaches schwarzes Hemdchen mit Spaghettiträgern zu schwarzer Hose trug. Die Sängerin dagegen präsentierte sich in einem schwarzen und schulterfreien Kurztop in Kombination mit einem rosafarbenem Bleistiftrock extrem sexy. "Traf gerade auf die außergewöhnliche Jennifer Lawrence beim Dinner!", war später auf der Twitterseite von Rihanna zu lesen.

Es kürzlich sickerte durch, dass Jennifer Lawrence das September-Cover von 'Vogue' zieren wird.



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07.09.2013 15:25
#99 RE: Jennifer Lawrence Zitat · antworten

Jennifer Lawrence: Fast ungeschminkt auf Dior-Werbeposter

Es geht auch anders als aufgedonnert: Jennifer Lawrence ist auf ihrem neuen Dior-Plakat ungeschminkt zu sehen.

Die durch den Film ‘The Hunger Games’ bekannte Schauspielerin wurde beinahe komplett ungeschminkt mit der Dior-Handtasche im Arm für die neue Kampagne des renommierten Modehauses von Starfotograf Willy Vanderperre abgelichtet. Das Foto zeigt Lawrence in einem simplen grauen Wollmantel und betont ihre stechend blauen Augen. Es stellt einen Kontrast zu ihrem Debüt als Model für ‘Dior’ dar, bei dem sie im Smoking mit grellem roten Lippenstift posierte.

Diors Kreativchef Raf Simons berichtet, dass die 23-Jährige ihm aufgrund “ihrer Jugend und klassischen Schönheit” sowie “ihrer Charakterstärke und der Vielseitigkeit, die sie trotz ihrer Jugend bereits verkörpert” ins Auge fiel. Er zögerte deshalb nicht, sie als Model für die Marke zu gewinnen.

Trotz ihrer Zusammenarbeit mit den großen Designern kann Lawrence ihren Status als Sexsymbol nicht ganz nachvollziehen und gab kürzlich zu, sich nie wirklich für Mode interessiert zu haben. “Ich habe Shopping schon immer gehasst”, enthüllte die Oscar-Preisträgerin. “Als ich dann bekannter wurde, bekam ich Klamotten geschenkt, die ich eigentlich nicht wirklich mochte. Da sie umsonst waren, musste ich aber nicht einkaufen gehen und trug sie deshalb einfach jahrelang. Vor kurzem biss ich dann die Zähne zusammen und ging shoppen – und ich habe es tatsächlich genossen. Ich finde mich nicht wirklich sexy und die Leute, die behaupten, ich sei ein Sexsymbol, haben Unrecht. Ich möchte eigentlich gar nicht darüber nachdenken, davon wird mir regelrecht übel.”

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Jennifer Lawrence in "Jenseits von Eden"-Remake

Das Filmprojekt, das schon lange in Hollwood kursiert, dürfte Realität werden: "Jenseits von Eden" vereint Jennifer Lawrence wieder mit "Hunger Games"-Regisseur Gary Ross. Die Oscar-Preisträgerin spielt nur eine Nebenrolle.

James Dean war mit "Jenseits von Eden" einst weltberühmt geworden und bereits seit längerem plant Hollywood ein Remake von Elia Kazans Filmklassiker von 1955. Nun dürfte es konkret werden: Regisseur Gary Ross soll den Roman von John Steinbeck verfilmen, berichtete die Zeitschrift "Variety" am Mittwoch. Zudem sei für "Jenseits von Eden" Oscar-Preisträgerin Jennifer Lawrence verpflichtet worden.

Die 23-Jährige soll aber keine Hauptrolle übernehmen. Sie spiele Cathy Ames, die Mutter der Brüder Cal und Aron Trask, um die sich die Geschichte dreht, in jungen Jahren, berichtet das Platt.

Der Webseite "Deadline Hollywood" zufolge soll die Film-Adaption aus zwei Teilen bestehen. Ein Termin für die Premiere stehe dem Bericht zufolge noch nicht fest.

Ross führte bei "The Hunger Games" Regie

Mit Ross hat Lawrence bereits einmal höchst erfolgreich zusammengearbeitet: Er führte beim ersten Teil der "Die Tribute von Panem - The Hunger Games"-Reihe Regie. Eine Verpflichtung für den zweiten Teil "Catching Fire - Hunger Games 2" sagte er ab, weil ihm die Terminvorgaben zu eng waren. Statt ihm führt Francis Lawrence Regie bei den weiteren drei "Hunger Games"-Filmen.

Auch in den Fortsetzungen spielen Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson und Liam Hemsworth die Hauptrollen. Die vier Filme basieren auf der gleichnamigen Romantrilogie von US-Autorin Suzanne Collins. "Die Tribute von Panem - Catching Fire" kommt am 21. November in Österreich in die Kinos.

Lawrence war 2013 für ihre Darstellung einer depressiven Witwe in "Silver Linings" mit dem Oscar als beste Hauptdarstellerin ausgezeichnet worden und ist derzeit eine der gefragtesten Schauspielerinnen Hollywoods.


Jennifer Lawrence spielt in "Jenseits von Eden"-Remake

Nach "The Hunger Games" holt Regisseur Gary Ross Schauspielerin Jennifer Lawrence für sein neues Projekt wieder an Bord: eine Neuverfilmung von "Jenseits von Eden". Lawrence wird sich dabei von ihrer kaltherzigen Seite zeigen müssen.

Von der Fantasy zur hohen Literatur: "The Hunger Games"-Regisseur Gary Ross und Hauptdarstellerin Jennifer Lawrence (23) arbeiten für ein neues Projekt wieder zusammen: eine Neuverfilmung von John Steinbecks Klassiker "Jenseits von Eden". Universal Pictures und Imagine Entertainment hätten kürzlich den Vertrag mit den Erben Steinbecks unterzeichnet, wie das Branchenportal "Deadline" berichtet. Lawrence soll die hartherzige Cathy Ames spielen.

Das Projekt soll Ross sehr am Herzen liegen, die Vorlage sei sein amerikanischer Lieblingsroman. Der Streifen wird sich in jedem Fall an einem legendären Vorgänger messen lassen müssen, Elia Kazans Verfilmung mit James Dean aus dem Jahr 1955 gilt als echter Klassiker.

Die erste "Jenseits von Eden"-Verfilmung mit James Dean ist ein Hollywood-Klassiker.


‘Hunger Games’ Jennifer Lawrence, Gary Ross To Re-Team On Steinbeck’s ‘East Of Eden’ For Universal And Brian Grazer

EXCLUSIVE: Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment’s Brian Grazer have closed a deal with the John Steinbeck estate for a new version of his seminal novel East Of Eden that will be developed as a re-team for The Hunger Games director Gary Ross and Jennifer Lawrence.

I’m told that the book is Ross’ favorite American novel and that the director plans to tell the generational story in two films. The novel previously was adapted into one picture, the 1955 Elia Kazan-directed film that starred James Dean and Richard Davalos as sons who compete for the attention of their farmer father in Salinas, CA. Ross wants Lawrence to play Cathy Ames, the cold and cruel mother of the boys and estranged wife of the farmer. The films will tell their stories, leading into the rivalry between their sons.

The studio and Imagine first acquired the 1952 novel back in 2004. This was after Steinbeck’s modern retelling of the Cain and Abel story shot back up the best-seller lists when Oprah Winfrey made it the first selection of the revived book club on her daytime talk show. I’m told that the original option lapsed, but then the studio and Grazer put together a new deal in a competitive situation, this one built around Ross and Lawrence, the latter of whom won the Academy Award in February for Silver Linings Playbook. Universal Pictures chairman Donna Langley was very involved, as was Jeffrey Kirschenbaum, Uni’s co-president of production.

This comes just before Ross and Lawrence have their CAA agents shop a vehicle for another re-team, on the Hannah Kent novel Burial Rites. They are teaming with producer Allison Shearmur, who as a Lionsgate exec was a catalyst for the first Hunger Games film. I’m told CAA will next week shop the novel by Kent, who got a seven-figure deal for her first novel and rave reviews when Little, Brown published her tale of a young woman accused of murder in Iceland in 1829. The drama takes place between the murder and the prosecution of the case against a woman who is victimized and powerless against the forces trying to send her to a public execution. Ross will direct and Lawrence wil play the protagonist in a tale as bleak as her Oscar-nominated breakout turn in Winter’s Bone.

Back to Steinbeck, who is hot stuff. This is the second recent seismic deal for the late author; in July, DreamWorks and Steven Spielberg made a deal to mount a new version of the Steinbeck classic The Grapes Of Wrath.

On East Of Eden, Universal, Grazer and Ross are still working out the particulars. When the studio acquired the book the first time, it got a script by Paul Attanasio. It is unclear at the moment if Ross will rewrite it himself or work with a writer. Ross will most certainly have a hand in the writing; he is a four time Oscar-nominee whose book adaptations include Seabiscuit and The Hunger Games. The intention is to get the picture into production after Ross directs Peter And The Starcatchers for Sony and Disney, which is his take on the Peter Pan legend. Lawrence will catch up with Ross and East Of Eden after she completes the final two installments of The Hunger Games series. She will next be seen in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and the David O Russell-directed American Hustle from Sony.

Anna Culp will be exec producer. Ross is repped by CAA and Alan Wertheimer, Lawrence by CAA and attorneys Gretchen Rush and Steve Warren. The book deal was made by RWSG Agency’s Geoff Sanford, Jill Gillett, with Elizabeth Winick Rubinstein of McIntosh & Otis. Latter represents the Steinbeck estate.


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