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 News & Infos zur vierten Staffel
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09.06.2013 15:49
#276 RE: " TVD " Staffel vier News & Infos Zitat · antworten

Elena Gilbert Included in EW’s List of 13 Most Unfortunate TV Characters

Elena Gilbert, The Vampire Diaries (2009-present)

Outrageous misfortunes: Barely survived a car crash that killed both her parents; watched her biological mother burn alive; discovered her biological father bleeding to death and her brother attempting suicide on the same night; kidnapped by a vampire; watched her aunt die; briefly died, surviving only because her birth father gave his life for hers; watched her beloved guardian transform into an evil vampire; suffered a cerebral hemorrhage; drowned in the same spot where her parents died; became a vampire against her wishes; subjected to the hunter's curse, driving her to attempt to kill herself; found out she was sired to Damon after picking him over Stefan; suffered the death of her brother; was tortured in an attempt to get her to turn her humanity back on; finally turned her humanity back on only to be overwhelmed by pain and anger; will soon discover that her best friend traded her life for Elena's brother's.



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09.06.2013 16:07
#277 RE: " TVD " Staffel vier News & Infos Zitat · antworten

Top Ten Female Vampires
- Nina Dobrev - The Vampire Diaries (2009-2013)

Bulgarian actress Nina Dobrev plays Elena Gilbert in this popular vampire TV series. Orphaned in high school, Elena starts a relationship with vampire Stefan Salvatore and strange facts from her past come to light.

By the end of the fourth season, Elena herself has fully transitioned into a vampire, and a ruthless one at that.

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19.06.2013 14:45
#278 RE: " TVD " Staffel vier News & Infos Zitat · antworten

Vampire Diaries : Arielle Kleber über Lexie


Am Wochenende war in Austin, Texas das ATX Television Festival 2013 und mit von der Partie war Arielle Kebel, die in The Vampire Diaries als Lexie zu sehen ist.

In einem neuen Videointerview spricht sie über ihre tiefe Freundschaft zu Stefan und das daraus niemals eine Beziehung werden könnte. Außerdem wäre es eventuell möglich, dass Lexie in dem Spin-Off The Originals zu sehen sein könnte, da die beiden sich in New Orleans kennengelernt hätten.


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06.07.2013 19:48
#279 RE: " TVD " Staffel vier News & Infos Zitat · antworten

17 Hot Kisses From The Vampire Diaries

Wetpaint hat eine Liste mit den schönsten, berührendsten oder heißesten Küssen aus The Vampire Diaries zusammengestellt.

Das Tolle ist, dass für jeden Fan etwas dabei ist, denn es gibt Delena und Stelena Küsse, Rebekah und Stefan, Anna und Jeremy, Caroline und Matt, Caroline und Tyler Küsse und noch ein paar mehr.

Katherine said it best in The Vampire Diaries Season 2: “Kiss me or kill me.” In the world of Mystic Falls, it’s usually one or the other — or one followed by the other. Getting involved with these super-sexy supernatural beings means that your odds of being either kissed or killed are about the same. But not all kisses are created equal.

There are many ways we could rate a kiss: Timing, passion, hand placement, length, etc. But we really know a kiss is good when we can’t seem to forget about it. And so, after some serious thought (and a lot of YouTube videos), we have somehow (impossibly) narrowed down our list to the top 15 (or 16) Vampire Diaries kisses that we will never forget. Pucker up!

Stefan and Elena Kiss in Season 1, Episode 2 and Damon and Elena Kiss in Season 2, Episode 22
Salvatore Brothers’ First Times: First, there was Stefan and Elena’s passion-filled first time. At the end of Season 2, Damon and Elena finally locked lips. And both times were 100 percent unforgettable.

Stefan and Elena [First Kiss]: The Night of the Comet Clip 4

Damon and Elena kissing scene (Delena kiss) season 2 finale of the vampire

Damon and Katherine Kiss in Season 1, Episode 22
Damon and Katherine Part 1: Damon thinking that Katherine was Elena in the Season 1 finale was what made this kiss so… steamy.

Elena/Katherine & Damon Kissing Scene The Vampire Diaries Season Finale

Damon and Katherine Make Out in Season 2, Episode 1
Damon and Katherine Part 2: Like we said, kiss me or kill me… and then rip open my shirt, knock over a few books. Whatever works.

The Vampire Diaries Season 2x01- Damon and Katherine -"It was always

Alaric Kisses Jenna in Season 2, Episode 3
“I should’ve done that this morning.” Never were we more jealous of Jenna than in the moment Alaric swept her off her feet with a rather textbook combination: a romantic embrace, a passionate kiss and a heartfelt one-liner.

alaric and jenna kiss the vampire diaries

Elena Kisses Stefan’s Vampire Face in Season 2, Episode 5
“It’s you and me, Stefan. Always”: After Elena decided that Stefan should drink a little bit of her blood every day to get stronger, she gave him his first taste, and then she brought him back from the edge with a kiss. This turned into one of our favorite makeouts.

The Vampire Diaries 2x05 - It's you and me, Stefan. Always

Elena and Stefan and Katherine and Mason Hook Up in Season 2, Episode 6
Matching Morning Makeouts: From Stefan and Elena to Katherine and Mason, this Season 2 morning makeout montage was equal parts romantic and sexy.

The Vampire Diaries - 2x06 Plan B - Stefan & Elena / Katherine & Mason

Stefan and Elena Got and Heavy in the Cabin in Season 2, Episode 14
“You are such a liar”: From a heartfelt Stelena moment to an adorable one, Stefan and Elena’s lakehouse makeout quickly went from playful (he picked her up!) to steamy (well hello, counter).

Elena and Stefan arrive at the cabin+make out -Crying Wolf-(2X14)



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24.08.2013 18:43
#280 RE: " TVD " Staffel vier News & Infos Zitat · antworten

" Vampire Diaries " : Bloppers der vierten Staffel

Veröffentlicht am 21.08.2013


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24.08.2013 19:23
#281 RE: " TVD " Staffel vier News & Infos Zitat · antworten

Vampire Diaries - Staffel vier : Neue Promo Stills



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25.08.2013 12:18
#282 RE: " TVD " Staffel vier News & Infos Zitat · antworten

Vampire Diaries - Staffel vier : Behind the Scene Still mit Candice Accola des neuen Promo Photoshoot


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25.08.2013 12:34
#283 RE: " TVD " Staffel vier News & Infos Zitat · antworten

Vampire Diaries - Staffel vier : Behind the Scene Still mit Paul Wesley des neuen Promo Photoshoot

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